Algo Orders

FX Aggregator (SmartFX) include a number of algorithmic orders, which simplify dealers work. Combining larger liquidity and higher speed of automatic execution allows to gain stable trading profit without taking additional risks.

Among algorithmic orders described below, our team of developers can add unique compicated orders to FX Aggregator (SmartFX) functionality according to Customer's design.

Smart Execution

Purpose of the Smart Exec order is to make deals of large volume, while priority is given to the volume and not price. Execution algorithm of the order contains the maximum acceptable deviation from market price set by the trader, the simple limit orders, thus, are set from a given price to worse by defined volumes.


Trading algorithm performing arbitrage between market EUR/RUB rate and the rate calculated from combining EUR/USD and USD/RUB. If difference between them is enough to take advantage, FX Aggregator (SmartFX) will automatically match the deals and gain profit.

Market Making

FX Aggregator (SmartFX) allows to provide liquidity to counterparties (such as MICEX, Bloomberg, EBS et cet.) and clients. Our program allows user to adjust quote feed - set feed sources, instruments, commissions, amounts et cet. Moreover one of the main features of this function is auto hedging for all new open positions.